Welcome to Winnipegkickboxing.com. We are Winnipeg's #1 Muay Thai Kickboxing School. If you want to learn the most devastating form of striking on the planet, get into great shape or you just want to try something new -then we have it all for you under one roof at the Canadian Fitness/Fighting Center.

Programs we offer:

Introductory Kickboxing - Are you interested in Self Defense, Weight Loss, Competition, or General Fitness & Well Being? Then introductory kickboxing is the course for you!

All new students begin in this one hour class which will teach you the fundamental strikes found in kickboxing and boxing. This course is designed to get you in shape and teach you the proper techniques to defend yourself.

This class will have no contact and students will learn in a non-competitive, safe environment under the watchful eyes of the knowledgeable CF/FC instructors. This course will provide you with a total body workout and you will be seeing your abs before you know it!

Beginner Muay Thai - This class is one hour in length and will consist of intense Thai Pad workouts as well as limited contact through very light sparring and “play kicking”. In addition to these new striking methods - Elbows,Thai Clinch work,blocking and counter strikes will be introduced.

Beginner Kickboxing - Winnipeg's only school for "K-1" style striking. Students can expect to be taught a blend of Muay Thai, Karate and Western Boxing techniques in this program based on Dutch-style striking. The course will focus predominantly on boxing and low kicks with added emphasis on blocking and counter striking with the hands, feet, and shins.

Mixed Martial Arts - The CFC Fight Team competes all over the world in Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai. Our fighters have fought in Japan, Thailand, USA, and Canada for promotions like the UFC, K-1, Sengoku, the WEC and Winnipeg’s own Canadian Fighting Championship.

The fight team trains under the mentorship of World Class MMA and Muay Thai instructors Giuseppe DeNatale, Joe Doerksen, and Agostino DeNatale.

Cardio Kickboxing - This full-body workout combines training elements from kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and aerobics to provide overall physical conditioning and toning.Cardio kickboxing does not involve any physical contact between students. It is solely an aerobic workout based on fighter training methods that are performed for its many benefits to your body!

Powerkick - Winnipeg's premier Women's only kickboxing class. This class is a 75 min workout consisting of Fundamental Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Core Strength and Plyometric exercises, finished with Power Stretching. Get in shape, have fun and learn self-defense with a workout designed for women and taught by Canadian Fitness/Fighting Center certified instructor Nicole Works.

Kicks For Kids - Looking for a program for children 13 and under? Kicks for Kids will Increase your child’s self-confidence, Increase their self-discipline and their respect for themselves and others, Increase their fitness level and improve their health, Stress safety and be fun! This program for youth aged 6 to 13 is taught by World Muay Thai champion and Karate Black belt Giuseppe DeNatale. This hour long class is right after school and blends the martial arts of Karate and Muay Thai. As the young students learn the striking techniques, they will also be learning the positive values associated with martial arts.

With our state of the art and world class training facility, we guarantee that your experience at our facility will be second to none... come down and see for yourself!

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